PrincipalPhotoAs we step into another Academic Year 2017

– 18 with new hopes and aspiration, it gives me an

immense pleasure to receive and welcome you all to Kokrajhar Law College, Kokrajhar (KLC). At a same time I can also assure that this should be the year of transformation. Transformation, in terms of academic, discipline amongst the students, faculties and the College. This transformation is possible only through the desire to make a change for the better future.

Transforming Legal Education in BTAD is one of our missions which we shall focus without any compromise. KLC seeks to educate and produce more number of lawyers in the region of Bodoland considering the standard of services needs to be delivered in 21st century. Legal education in India has undergone a change in the last two decades. In this era of globalization it is needless to state that studying law is no more an option or by chance. It has become “BY CHOICE”. The KLC intends to impart legal education to the young minds as they are the future resource for providing speedy justice in the fields of socio, economic, political, etc.

The KLC is also committed to deliver its best old school method along with technical legal education through the dedicated faculty members. Its friendly environment shall always encourage the students to interact with its Faculties for self study and take guidance for research related work. This shall be surely an advantage for those willing to put in extra effort. The perception of learning among the students will depend on the level of motivation with an added flavour of expectations.

I am sure that the new students coming in will have a memorable academic experience and also ensure that our students will be the most knowledgeable of all. They will definitely make a difference to the world with their creativity and skills which will guide the coming days with progress and excellence. My Congratulations to all the new students for making a good choice by entering into KLC. May all your dreams turn into reality by never compromising with ethics, moral values and good conscience.


Preeta Brahma, Principal